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October 29: Bug fixes

posted this on October 26, 2012, 10:11 AM


  • You will no longer auto-follow discussions when a user you are following is tagged
  • Added a 'New' flag New_tree_matches.pngin tree matches to alert users of newly discovered matches
  • Basic members can now view the full list of tree matches to get a better sense of potential matches before upgrading
  • Various performance enhancements to the HTML5 tree 


  • Fixed location auto-suggest for photos
  • Fixed the size of the Edit box for the About section on the profile page
  • Fixed a bug when adding a link or text document to an event in a profile's Timeline that would cause the document to lose the event once uploaded
  • Fixed surname search submit button

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Johannes Hospel

I have been using Geni and found it simple and useful. I am a 'Pro' and pay the full fees to Geni. There are 5000+ profiles in my file. I also use the MyHeritage family program because it is similar to Geni and have about 250 profiles+ on them.  If I go to a higher count, I must pay for the higher level. My  MyHeritage family program is for me to be in contact with my Europe relatives.  Eventually I would like to join the two accounts since the two programs are similar. The combination of Geni and MyHeritage family make good sense.

My compliment to the joining of the two programs. Johannes G Hospel



November 28, 2012, 6:08 PM
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