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How do I cancel my premium subscription?

posted this on February 28, 2011 04:16 PM

Credit Card Users

If you would like to cancel your subscription you may do so under ‘Account Settings’ and Geni Premium Account. There you may select 'Make changes to your Geni Pro Subscription' and then finally check the 'Yes-Cancel' box at the bottom of the page. You will then see the new expiration date on your main Geni Premium Account page.  

PayPal Users

If you've chosen to use PayPal for your Geni premium subscription, you must log into PayPal to cancel the subscription.

1. Log into PayPal at
2. On the "My Account" tab, click the subtab labeled "History"
3. Below the date selectors, click the link labeled "Subscriptions"
4. Locate the line for your Geni subscription and click on the Details link under the Details column
5. Click the button labeled "Cancel Subscription" at the bottom of the resulting page, then again on the confirmation page.

If you have any further questions about  your premium subscription, please submit a ticket or email .

Updated: December 5, 2011

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