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How can I indicate an adoption/foster parents on my tree?

posted this on March 3, 2011, 1:46 PM

While Geni does not formally support adoptive or foster relationships, you can use merging to connect a child to more than one set of parents:

  1. Add the child to one set of parents (for the sake of this explanation, let's assume we're starting with the biological parents)
  2. Find or create the other set of parents in the tree.  If you do not have their family tree on Geni, you can temporarily add one of them as a sibling to someone else in your tree -- you will later break this connection.  For example, add the adoptive mother as the sister of the biological mother, and then add her husband (the adoptive father).
  3. On the tree node for the child, click the "more" pull-down menu and select "Move this person".  This will create a floating tree node to the right of the tree view.
  4. Find the other set of parents (adoptive, in this example) in the tree.  Drag the floating node for the child onto one of the parents and release the mouse.  You will be prompted for the relationship between these two profiles -- choose "Son" or "Daughter".
  5. If you temporarily added one of the parents as a sibling in step 2, click the "edit" link on that parent's tree node, then click the Relationships tab.  The incorrect relationship between this profile and his/her parents should have a checkbox next to it, under a column labeled "Remove."  Click the checkbox and then click the Remove button below.  This will break the connection.

The child will now be listed with two sets of parents.  Because Geni does not formally recognize multiple parental relationships, it will be flagged with a yellow triangle as a "tree conflict" -- you may ignore this warning.

You may also visit our Wiki for more details.

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