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How can I indicate an adoption/foster parents on my tree?

posted this on March 03, 2011 01:46 PM

We currently do not have a way to represent this on the site. Therefore, you may choose to work on separate Trees until the option becomes available. Otherwise, you may choose to create a secondary node on the same Tree to include the other set of parents. You may then merge the duplicate nodes and leave them pending. This will then display the person twice on the Tree-but it will also reflect both parent unions.

To add another set of parents to someone here is what you will need to do:

- Create another Geni account for the child using an email address different than the one you are currently using for your own account
- Add the other set of parents to it
- Log out of that new Tree
- Log into your original one
- Invite the Child from the other tree using the email address used for that account
- Log out of your account
- Log back into your new account for the child
- Accept the merge request/invite
- Use the settings link to Close that account
- Log back into your original account
- You will now see a secondary/second node/box for the child and s/he will be attached to two sets of parents

You may also visit our Wiki for more details.

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