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Reporting of profiles

David Prins
suggested this on March 26, 2011 03:47 PM

These days you can report a profile as a 
- Claimed Historical Profile 
- Abandoned Tree 
- Fake Profile 
- Spammer 
- Deceased 
- SEO Profile

1. It is unclear in what timeframes or in what priority such reports are processed. Can that be improved? For example, do reports by PROs get priority over reports by non PROs? Do some categories of report get actioned before others?

2. Does the reporter get notified when action is taken?

3. Once a profile is reported, a second person cannot also report. This has implications: 
(a) You can't also report your interest in being notified when action is taken.

(b) You don't know in what category the profile was previously reported - you may have in mind another category. For example, a claimed historical profile may also be a spammer.

(c) You may have more information than the first reporter provided, which you cannot now provide. And you don't know what information the first reporter provided.

(d) If PROs get higher priority action, you can't get that as a PRO if the profile was already reported by a non-PRO.

Can these issues be looked at as possible feature enhancements?


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Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy, Vol. Curator

It would be nice to have a record of a Report that is done listed somewhere in the Reporting persons Inbox or Requests.

I reported a User of which later I had question if the Report was still good because his Claimed profile was merged with another Claimed profile of him. After the merge the option to Report him was then available with no notice that he had been reported, so I have Reported him again.

March 30, 2014 03:39 PM
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Ann Marie

I hope my statement & question make sense:   My ex started 'following' me here on Geni, thankfully I got the email about it because that is more ammo for the police re his stalking behaviour and I have now reported & blocked his access to me on this website.  This ex also made up a fake profile and listed me as his wife but twisted the order of my name and combined my first name with my surname.  I have blocked the profile of the fake person.   The fake profile also listed the fact that we have a child, and the profiler has 2 brothers.  MY QUESTION IS THIS (and what pisses me off is that I cannot contact Geni directly unless I upgrade)  SINCE I BLOCKED the fake profile, can he still see me from the fake child & siblings profiles?    I can't see if any profiles have been made for the fake child and fake siblings.   I DO NOT WANT TO BE STALKED OR FOLLOWED    I NEED TO TALK DIRECTLY   STALKING IS ILLEGAL.   I NEED THEIR LEGAL ASSISTANCE HOW CAN I GET IN TOUCH WITH GENI WITHOUT PAYING FOR THE SUBSCRIPTION?

October 03, 2013 08:02 AM
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Job Waterreus

I would be nice if a report which was handled by Geni, would be visible on the profile (with the action taken by Geni). The report function could be reactivated then.

October 06, 2011 11:22 PM
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Lauri Kreen

SEO Profile - "Search Engine Optimization" - to avoid such profiles/names/families which will try to catch Google etc. Search keywords/hits system like Fake Profile with name "Free Viagra" or similar

September 26, 2011 12:32 AM
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Lauri Kreen

Lois Lubin - my B) is related to "Superblockers" - for example there are at least 2 of them in Collaboration Pool Project/Discussions. 

September 26, 2011 12:27 AM
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Lois Lubin

What is an "SEO Profile"??

Lauri - rejecting requests/merges is currently perfectly legitimate and in my opinion folks doing so should definitely not be penalized!!   And - considering that "Basic" users can no longer accept merges even if they want to -- totally not a reason to penalize.   And penalizing folks for blocking others is also problematic - clearly Geni added that function for a reason - so ..?

September 25, 2011 02:54 PM
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Lauri Kreen

I know - for this reason I already gave here its contents.

March 27, 2011 02:53 AM
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David Prins

Lauri: is a help request private to you - not a public feature request

March 27, 2011 01:52 AM
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Lauri Kreen

I sent to Geni similar request - Ticket #2603: Project like Spam (

In this request I proposed to add Reporting System to the Projects (there are already some "spam" project - just for advertising some websites) and

To add 2 new categories into Reporting System everywhere:
A) Under-Age Claimed User
B) Person rejects requests/merges and/or blocks other


Lauri Kreen


March 27, 2011 12:48 AM