How do I enable Flash in Firefox version 52 and later?

Firefox version 52 and later do not activate Flash automatically, even when a web site like Geni attempts to display Flash content.

First, please visit to make sure your Flash software is up-to-date.  If your version of Flash is out of date, go to to download and install the latest version. 

Once Flash is installed, you can activate it on Geni as follows:

  1. Open a page / tab to
  2. If you see the following message, click "Activate Adobe Flash":

  3. Alternatively, you may just see a blank rectangle, and the plugin notification icon will appear toward the left end of the address bar:

  4. If you click the message or the notification icon to activate the plugin, Firefox will prompt you with two options:
    • Allow Now: Activates Flash only for a single visit.
    • Allow and Remember: Activates Flash for all future visits to that site.

  5. Select "Allow and Remember" so you will not have to repeat this process every time, and then try again:
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