How to: Switch from HTML to Flash tree view

Geni now offers an HTML and Flash tree view. Devices that do not support Flash or if Flash is not detected on your browser will now automatically take you to the new HTML version of the tree. While the HTML tree does not yet support all of the options available in the current Flash version of the family tree, it does offer some new and exciting features for non-Flash users.

If your browser supports Flash, but you are in the HTML tree view then you can manually switch to the Flash tree from the dropdown at the top of the page. Simply click on the down arrow to the right of ‘Tree’ to switch to the Flash tree.


If you want to switch back to the HTML tree, click on the down arrow again and click to switch back to HTML tree. However, keep in mind that not all of the features of the Flash tree are available yet in the HTML version. 

For more information on the HTML tree, please see the following blog post.

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