My profile has been 'hijacked'.

I have just found that my cousin Paul St George <e****@p**********e.com> uploaded a GEDCOM in November and, somehow that has been merged with my profile/tree. There appears to be a duplicate of my tree in which he - his name - now replaces me in my family. 

Paul does not know how this happened but he is now recieving messages from Geni as below which are adressed to Dear Nick...


Dear Nick,

We've found a duplicate for a profile you manage, Nick Wilkinson. View the two profiles to verify that they are the same:


Merging duplicate profiles improves the data on your family tree. You have 3 profile merges to review, view the list here:

Kind regards,

- The Geni Team


How can we sort this out?

(The real) Nick Wilkinson.

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