My dna or not?

Here is the situation: my husband and I have both done dna (family finder through ftdna) and shared it with Geni through the link on the ftdna page.  We have each also put our family trees on Geni.  Of course, being married there is overlap within our family trees.

What happens with me is I get a message that I have a new dna match on Geni, so I go there and check out the person and then I click the link at the top of that persons profile that says "find path" -- to find out how I might be related to that person.  

After a while it comes back with some long, convoluted thing that begins with me then goes TO MY HUSBAND and then his family etc.  The most recent one actually said that MY DNA MATCH was related thus: your husbands aunts brothers sons wifes brothers nephew..... I mean this went on and on!  I was going to copy and paste it except that I would have to remove the users name and will copy and paste if need be.

My question is WHY are all of my matches being routed through my husband?? We are not related (hello, not only are we from different areas of the country, we have had our dna tested!!) so why, why, why do all of my "paths to relationship" start with me and then go ->your husband?? Are we living in the dark ages??

I might understand this if we were talking just record matches or tree matches. When both families have Smiths and Jones' and Johnson's sure... records are all going to show up.  

I am talking DNA here. I do not share dna with my husband therefore IF Geni says I have a dna match then that persons family tree (if they have one) should NOT be a tree that routes through my husband's family.  The only family members we share are our children.

For about 5 minutes I considered subscribing to Geni, but seriously, if they can't do any better than this it is definitely NOT worth it.  Beyond that there is no way that I can see to even ask them a question.  You have to be a paying subscriber to submit a ticket other wise all anyone can do is post to the boards as I am doing now.  If I am missing something and there is a way to ask the Geni folks a question or have them check out a problem if one is not a paying customer I would be happy to be set straight.  I believe they may get more paying subscribers IF they straightened out some of these issues and provided a little service.

No offense boards...they are not terribly helpful. A few weeks back I had a problem (that apparently others were having as well) and posted a question that was never answered.  I finally figured out the answer on my own and posted it.  

Perhaps someone reading this is experiencing the same thing I am with the relationship path.  Perhaps someone that works for Geni reads these boards occasionally and would be willing to offer some advice.  

Every time I run into something weird like this with no support it not only reduces the chances that I will become a paying subscriber but now I am seriously thinking that it might be for the best to just quit the site altogether and remove all of my information because, frankly, so far I have not had much luck.


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