My tree has been hijacked.

My grandparents have been replaced by my wife's grandparents in my Geni Tree.  I have tried to sort this out, and it looks as if my father's paternal line is OK now, but the maternal line has been replaced by some of my wife's relations. I have written to Mary Butler Arnold, who originally gave me two fathers, my wife, Kathryn's and mine, because the program would not allow me to delete the extra father.  She is listed as the manager of my family. Since then, the problem has escalated, and I now have a whole tribe of Buchanans and Mulhollands as unwanted ancestors.

I thought that Geni would follow the My Heritage tree, which is fine, and is managed by my wife, Kathryn. 

Ralph Mendelssohn Chandler's parents were Ralph Harry Chandler and Lillian Sarah Randall.

Ralph Harry Chandler's parents were George Chandler and Rhoda Sanford.

Lillian Sarah Randall's parents were James Randall and Barbara Manly.

My wife, Kathryn Dalglish (Chandler) has relatives, Buchanan, Mulholland & Hair, who now appear on my own mother's family line.

I am sure this can all be sorted out, with reference to our My Heritage Dalglish Family Tree.



Warwick Chandler

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