Source Assistant: Czech localisation: Incorect translation of "November"

The source assistant incorrectly translates "Listopad" into 10th month of the year. Should be 11th month of the year. It happens to me always with the Sources from FamilySearch for the dates in November. I use Geni in English language, FamilySearch also in English language, but Czech is my mother tongue and is saved as my preferred language in my browser. Maybe that's why this "Czech" appears. More details below with an example:

The source record is on FamilySearch. Franziska Morche was born on 3rd November 1798.

I get her record offered in the Geni - Source Assistant (screenshot below), that correctly translates 3.November 1798 into Czech 3.Listopad 1798 (that is correct, November = Listopad). But this then becomes translated into 3.10.1798 = 3rd October 1798. October is wrong, it should be 3.11.1798! And I would get the wrong date imported into Geni if I accepted.

I think there is somewhere a wrong localisation in Geni that makes "Listopad" translate into 10.month. However, Listopad is November = 11.month. In Czech, 10th month is called Říjen. 


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