What maximums does geni impose on searchs, lists, and views:


As a relatively new geni user, my tree has grown very quickly and the sheer numbers on the tree seem to be causing real problems. In the stats on my profile page, the "ancestor" count is 87,000+ and the blood relatives count is now stuck at 100,000. When I try to produce filtered lists I can only access 5,000 records. Finally, when I do a search from my profile, I am certain that not all possible results are being reported.

I'd appreciate some understanding of the maximums imposed by geni on what I can see, list, or search for.

Many thanks.

Peter (Cowley, Crawfurd, Bagshawe, DeSerre, O'Brien, Hoare, Noel, Terigny, Hart-Davies Sainsbury, Vaughan, etc, etc.)

Vancouver, Canada

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