window.location.href = "/error";

I try to help in the project Victims of the Nazis by finding and tsuggest to the project managers about a profile who was a victim of the Nazis. I only send a suggestion by clicking on Add to an project or invite to a project. I choose the project and then the sentence "window.location.href = "/error";" come up,

When I then save and come back to the profile page in question I now always get A F-ING BIG RED ANNOUNCEMENT "You don't have permission to view this page". 

Today I hade the same announcement for a relative/family-member of mine who another (non-pro) relative is manager to. (Wiwi Forsberg).

Don't I have permission to ask the project managers to add a profile to their project? Do I not have permission to view open profiles?

It's annoying to have that error every time.


/Agneta Åhrberg


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