I cannot remove an ex-partner from my tree

I have an ex-partner, who I introduced to Geni. We didn't have children, we didn't marry. Yet I cannot remove her from my tree.

Having her on the tree means that every single person on my tree who is on the service is forced to receive email updates about her family, many of whom never  met her. And visa versa. Although they can individually unsubscribe - updates on a family they dont know isn't something they ever knowingly subscribed to and they've been receiving these updates for YEARS.

I've been unable to find out if there is a way to ensure that a branch of a tree does not spam everyone else in the tree, but it is clear that there is some very poor design at work here. It is the single poorest experience in your service.

So, thinking that removing her would solve this problem, I find that I am unable to remove her, as I need to be subscribed to a paid package in order to do so - in effect, this is forced spam email marketing for which you have to pay for to unsubscribe the many people who are receiving the unsolicited email added. And might I add, that this paid service DID NOT EXIST when the relationship was added.

I see absolutely no reason why any user should not be able to remove relationships from their trees. Yes, we receive your service for free but the user in this case is providing many email addresses for your service to market to, which you are then abusing with updates. Then I'm told I have to pay to stop my family members receiving these updates which they never asked for (unless I contact every single member of my family and explain how to unsubscribe, many of whom are elderly and simply don't have the time, patience or understanding). Additionally, signing my ex-partner and her large family up to your service has initiated many many more registrations and accounts which would not be lost in the act of removing the relationship. 

It is a sick way of ensuring your automated emails reach the largest audience and it is hugely disrespectful to your users.


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