You need to have a better way for us to communicate with you!

I am sorry to contact you this way but you list no phone numbers or other ways to communicate.  I subscribed to Geni Pro in early July and my report says that my account is good until July 4, 2014.  Yet, today I am getting in to learn and use Geni.Pro and all I keep getting is a notice that I need to upgrade if I want to find out about the two matches I have.  I can't do anything and I am not pleased. It appears that you are asking  for money right now, not in June as my printout shows.


My husband and I manage a large family history search center and both of us do research.  I have a large tree that I could submit as a GEDCOM but don't see where to do it.  We could be influential to many people if we like Geni Pro.  People often ask us for advice on products hat will help them and we have 3 in particular that we really like: Ancestry.com. Mocavo and Archives.  I use My Heritage and Genealogy Bank, too.    I need to see what you have that is different, but one thing I know, they are easier to communicate with when I have a problem or question.


Please have someone call me or write to me and explain why I am being dinged as if my account has expired.  Also, I have a tree in RootsMagic that has over 50,000 names in it.  Is there a way to upload a GEDCOM to Geni.Pro?


I look forward to hearing from someone soon!


Sincerely ,.  Marion S. Petersonb  My account ID is 6000000021162521695


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