invitation login issues

I've been "added to a family tree" and got an email, but when I click the link "View our family tree" it flashes "There is already a profile with the email address <email>.  Is this you?"  and before I can answer it changes to "Error.  You don't have permission to view this page" 

If I'm already logged in under that email address, it says "You have already been invited to join a tree on Geni.  Would you like us to re-send your invitation to <email> or would you rather start your own tree?".  When you resend the invitation, the link takes me back to the error page.  If I try to start my own tree, it goes back to "You have already been invited...".  So it's stuck in a infinite loop and I can't get to anything.  I had to create a second account just to login and send this message.


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