"Geni will be right back" and more - problems with merges and photos


for days now, every time I merge two profiles, I get the "Geni will be right back" page without fail, except for the times when I get the "An unexpected error has occurred" page (in Danish).

In the first kind of cases, the merge does happen, but if I'm in the course of merging several profiles, I have to click Page Back in my browser to merge the next one.

In the second kind of cases, with the "unexpected error" page, the merge doesn't happen. Sometimes I've been able to make it work by doing it all over from scratch, but now I have two profiles that simply will not be merged; I just keep getting the "unexpected error" page. I've retried several times, to no avail. Reloaded the page, done the whole thing again, done it from a different starting point... Nothing works.

I've had the "Geni will be right back" problem with merges before, and I wrote to you about it. You suggested I delete my cookies, but the problem went away before I did so. Thus, I'm sure it could go away again through no effort of mine, but I don't know about the "unexpected error" thing...

I also have problems with photos. I can't add photos through the photo section these days; I have to upload them as profile photos. Plus, after I've uploaded a profile photo, it often doesn't show up on the profile until I've reloaded the page. In other cases, it doesn't show up in its profile photo place at all, but is "hiding" in the photo section. In yet other cases, the photo isn't uploaded at all.

Please do something about these bugs. In case you suggest I change my browser: I use Geni in Firefox, and I wish to continue to do so. In case cookie deletion is your go-to suggestion: I'd hate to delete my cookies if that means I'll lose all my autocompletes.

Sincerely, Maja


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