Profile cannot be found by it's correct name

I created profile


back in 2015.

Originally I created as " Anna Stina Hyttinen" due there was a error in the church books at that time. New versions of the church book data showed the error and it was corrected by another user on 28th  February 2024.
Something weir has happened during the correction because I can not find the profile with it's current name" Anna Stiina Pekantytär Huttunen" 
I get no hits when seeking profile with the name the profile currently has or the current last name. 
Even more weird is that if I search the profile with original profile name Anna Stina or Anna Stina Hyttinen I get the new Anna Stiina Pekantytär Huttunen profile.

I tried to check all the data on the profile end but I can't find any incorrect data. 

Juha Pigg

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