A but in the location fields.

Not all profiles have locations entered like "Place, City, County, Country". A lot of old profiles only have entered the "Place". As a result, in the recent months Geni has Auto-completed the locations to make the info completely wrong.

For instance, there is a farm in Norway called Male. There is also apparently a place in the Maldives called Male, and if you write Male in the location-field Google will suggest this place in the Maldives. So with old profiles with only "Male" entered in the location, Geni will alter this to the place in Maldives when someone makes a merge or other.

Did you know that it's a place in North Caroline with the name "Unknown" ? To see an example of what bug is doing, check out this profile about a Norwegian women: https://www.geni.com/people/Margaretha-Gulsvik/6000000003887715493

Noone has actually entered that she was born in the United States, but someone has entered that her birth location is "unknown".

Yes, it is better that users enters location with "Place name, city, county, country", but you can't have a bot entering it where this info is missing. This is almost a parody and should be reversed as soon as possible.


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