Attention Curators !! How do I stop someone from stalking and harassing me?

Since the weekend someone has been stalking me with one of my families. I occasionally check on my families that I know are already pretty well finished so I checked on this one. Apparently over the weekend this person had been doing merges. I didn't know this, and not all of the information was correct. So I changed it and I got a message asking why I did it. I told him and he seemed to be okay with it. But he "followed" me and the family name. Then he started to change anything that I had changed. Now he is changing anything that I enter with this family, names, places, some dates. There is even a reason that someone died that he won't leave the way I wrote it. He has even put related last names on the Surname page for my family's name, which he is now following so I assume that he is following all of the names, so he can see anything that's done with it. Since he is following me and changes almost everything I enter with this family, I feel like I can't do anything more with my other families. I have a lot of information that I would like to enter but I am feeling harrassed. I know that if he is doing this, he will do it with all of my families. How can I stop him? (He said something at one point about his "OCD", and being in editing "Hell" in reference to what he was doing, which I thought was totally uncalled for.)
Carolyn Pinkerton

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