Ridiculous and confusing GENI error. Is it a bug? How to fix?

I received an email (from a no-reply address) from GENI about my direct ancestor Ingebrigt Monsen Ledang, with a long, unnecessary and VERY convoluted explanation about how he is supposedly related to me. He is my direct ancestor on my Norwegian Father's father's side, the Ledang Family. I don't understand why this weird or at least completely unnecessary and roundabout in-law connection was sent to me. Why is GENI using my Father's mother's family to find a connection to my Father's father's family when there already is a direct blood connection from me to my Father Arnold Thoralf Michaelson to his father Thomas Edvin Michelson (born Ledang) to his father Mikael Ingebrigtsen Ledang to his father Ingebrigt Monsen Ledang? That is so much simpler! Why go from my Father's mother all through her parents and other relatives for generations to get to Ingebrigt Monsen Ledang? Is that supposed to impress me? How do I get this debugged, corrected, straightened out, etc.? Thanks.


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