conflicts with Y-DNA and autosomal DNA

There is some strange error “conflict” between profile I managing.

I done Big-Y tests and my Y-DNA shared for all paternal cousins as should.

This year I also recruit other paternal line cousins do tests;  a) My Father  and b) cousin 2C1R, common paternal ancestor born 1848). and 2 weeks ago had change to transfer results to Geni;

We all done autosomal tests. Me and 2C1R kit include also Big Y and my father Y37 (done by FTDNA and autosomal and STR /SNP show clearly we are relatives).

When I move results to Geni, I got “conflict” messages.

This picture is copied from my father profile. Language is finnish below, but it say our Y-DNA conflict, even we both got own Haplogroup (BigY).

STR result show that we have 6/636 differences (GD 4). Which might cause your system consider its conflict. But fact is that we have same haplogroup and FTDNA autosomal results prove the relation, so your system need to adjust to accept these and do not show “conflict”, right?

Other: Also Geni show that me and 2C1R autosomal have some conflict. I tried remove connection to FTDNA and return it, but its not help (now I just cancel the FTDNA connection to my father to remove at least one conflict.

Anything I can do or can you do something to solve problem?


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