A technical question dealing with tree matchning

I am not sure if this question has been up before or nor but I am sort of feeling more and more like Don Quijote tilting windmills and well I would like to get rid of these feelings before they get totally stuck. :) 

So aparently I did the foolish mistake of uploading my a already created fmaily tree. This has caused some issues with tree matching. 

With some great help from others some of these conflicts have been solved. ( Thank you so much to all of you by the way! ) There are however still a couple that hasn't and well for some reason when I truy to fix these conflicts myself Geni sends me to another place where they want my money. 

I do get the a page needs funds to be maintained and developed but isn't it a little bit extreme expecting people to pay to get rid of potential conflicts? ( I mean shouldn't conflicts be something that Geni should want to see resolved as qiuckly as possible? ) 

Maybe I am doing something wrong here so maybe someone would be kind enough to shed some light on how I can merge/get rid of potential conflicts? 

Maybe I should also add here that I have tried to do this both from the "family-tree-page" as well as from the "conflict-page" and the end result is the same. ( For transparency reasons I have tried to use smartmatches and recors matches and those two features work for me, or at least I think they work since I am not exactly sure what they should do for me. ) 

Any kind of hints, suggestions, ideas or even better answers would be greatly apprecitad!

Thank  you




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