Why stay on geni.com? Stupid question?

I've been on Geni.com for a long time and like the clarity and simplicity of the platform. However, I have now done a DNA test, which is through Geni, but with MyHeritage. The test results are available on MyHeritage. but in order to import them to Geni, I have to first create a new account on familytreedna.com. I then have to link my MyHeritage data to that account. I then have to link that FTDAN account to my Geni account (all as per instructions on Geni). I can see the data on MyHeritage. On FTDNA it still does not show up. My understanding is that Geni is owned by MyHeritage. So why is this such a complicated process? It seems that MyHeritage is slowly but surely making us shift to their main site and I am beginning to ask myself whether in the long term, Geni.com is actually doomed, as it does not really provide any of the research tools that MyHeritage offers and has a lot fewer profiles than MyHeritage, thus  fewer matches, unless one pays MyHeritage for a data subscription. I'd prefer to stay with Geni, and have as little as possible to do with MyHeritage, as I find their platform user-unfriendly and unaesthetic but I think Geni is progressively becoming less inefficient. So I am beginning to wonder why would I continue on Geni, rather than transfer everything to MyHeritage? Can someone convince me to stay on Geni.com? Can someone then explain how best to manage it so that I don't find myself constantly being connected through to MyHeritage? Alternatively, is there an easy way to shift all the data to MyHeritage, including photo's, stories, sources etc (I think gedcom files don't include anything except the core data)? Apologies for the rant. I'm not a pro genealogist and want to spend the time well, rather than being bogged down by the technology.

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