Gedcom import blocked because I haven't paid for pro?

Yesterday I tried to import a GEDCOM from ancestry.com, and it created a huge mess... added family members as their own siblings, etc. So I undid, deleted it completely, started again from scratch. But now, it is telling me it won't import GEDCOM because, after years of no matches, I suddenly have about 30 "tree matches" that must be "resolved"... IE, they want me to pay $100 for a "pro" membership, because that's the only way you can "resolve" matches. If I click "no thanks" it keeps me locked out of uploading the GEDCOM, it seems like this is set up to be a paid-only feature now without saying outright that it is. It's just strange, because it wasn't last night.

Is there no way around this? Geni is nice but, for my needs, not worth paying $100 for, and I'm a little rankled that it's claiming some other tree's info, that I have to pay to see, somehow prevents updating mine, and there's no way for me to say "just ignore the other tree, I don't need to know what it says, I have the correct info for my tree right here in this handy GEDCOM file that you won't look at." Am I done here? Thanks.


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