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It is impossible to delete or move a person. Kirsten Eva Male 52 comments 1683 votes None
how do i delete my entire tree? RAMAMAMAMAM JAJAJAJJA 43 comments 27 votes None
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False Information Cynthia Felicity Van Wyk 24 comments 0 votes None
When are you going to reply to all the questions I have sent you? Andrew Wilkinson 23 comments 1 vote None
How to take over someones manager-role Annette Christiansen 22 comments 0 votes None
How do I reach customer support? W. Justin Barbour 21 comments 1 vote None
GENI unfair to non-PRO account holders. Ricardo J Ruiz de Porras Lugo 20 comments 0 votes None
Information wrong kaye just 19 comments 0 votes None
how do you split a tree if a tree is merged in error? David Martin Emerling 19 comments 334 votes None
How can I contact GENI team via direct e-mail or by phone? Vidas Starkus 18 comments 3 votes None
Deleting Individual Kenneth Ferguson 18 comments 60 votes None
how to add date of death Gail Dunn 18 comments 62 votes None
i already made DNA test with Family Tree DNA. Can i submit my data into Geni?? Димитър Маргаритов Клатуров 17 comments 11 votes None
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How can a stranger edit my tree? And can I stop her from doing it again? Kathleen Wereb 15 comments 5 votes None
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Unable to REMOVE realationships Justin Mack 15 comments 32 votes None
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Moving from MyHeritage Henry Leirvoll 13 comments 1 vote None and what happens if I cancel? Mitchell Louis Krog 13 comments 0 votes None
How to change a family member's e-mail address? Maciej Łukasz Szylke 13 comments 0 votes None