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It is impossible to delete or move a person. Kirsten Eva Male 52 comments 1683 votes None
how can I delete my account jenny steven 1 comment 864 votes None
how do you split a tree if a tree is merged in error? David Martin Emerling 19 comments 334 votes None
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How can I cancel my free trial? Marlene Boggs 1 comment 48 votes None
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Invite non-family members Harriet Cohen 0 comments 42 votes None
Can I upload a .gedcom file? Joan Ann Mortimer 6 comments 37 votes None
import data Jon Spector 11 comments 37 votes None
How do I print a list? Ivan Gallo 1 comment 35 votes None
How do you contact Geni re your membership Tonko Karkovic 15 comments 35 votes None
Delete Your Own Tree JoeGuam 7 comments 32 votes None
Unable to REMOVE realationships Justin Mack 15 comments 32 votes None
How do I delete a person from my tree? Helen (Fruma) Tapick 34 comments 32 votes None
Why are people able to merge into my tree without my permission? Keith Johnsen 11 comments 29 votes None
how do i delete my entire tree? RAMAMAMAMAM JAJAJAJJA 45 comments 28 votes None
Being able to contact someone who can really help!!!!!!!!!!! Kendall R. Brink 5 comments 28 votes None
geni pro vs Stanley Jay Pilon 3 comments 26 votes Answered
Change email address for other family memeber יאיר בן-מאיר 3 comments 25 votes None
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Administrator contact Hervé Bella 9 comments 22 votes None
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existing tree from Leeann M Garceau Williams 5 comments 20 votes None