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Support for Adoptive Parents Joe Brous Buttrill 78 comments 235 votes Completed
"A Geni profile you manage has been deleted" June Barnes 36 comments 114 votes None
Adding a Hebrew Date Field Noa Cohen-Orlov 27 comments 92 votes None
Expand date entry options to include bracketing (range), before and after Pam Wilson, Curator 16 comments 64 votes None
Disable birthday & anniversary notifications immediately upon deceased report Jeff, Geni Curator 12 comments 56 votes Completed
GEDCOM import Gerry Purdy 21 comments 50 votes None
Prefix field Terry Jackson (Switzer) 30 comments 49 votes Completed
Bonus for doing work on the tree Job Waterreus 5 comments 47 votes None
Remove relationship on yourself (Free membership) Jeff, Geni Curator 49 comments 45 votes None
Print formatting (printer-friendly version) for profiles and report generating Pam Wilson, Curator 12 comments 44 votes Planned
Warning icon for died young Michael Trevor Lancaster (Hornung) 18 comments 39 votes None
Support metric (SI) height and weight. Philip James Decker, Ͼ 10 comments 36 votes None
Marriage citations (Source) Glenn Østen Hillstrand 13 comments 36 votes Completed
More efficient Hot matches/similar profiles Terry Jackson (Switzer) 11 comments 34 votes Completed
What about iOS app? Александр Евгеньевич Гладких 25 comments 32 votes Planned
Search Location Only (without entering name field) Eric Randol Schoenberg, Geni Curator 13 comments 31 votes None
Profiles being added to a tree prior to 1880 should default deceased Terry Jackson (Switzer) 13 comments 31 votes None
Report the release of abandoned trees to the person reporting them Eldon Clark (Geni volunteer curator) 4 comments 31 votes None
Partial name search Eric Randol Schoenberg, Geni Curator 9 comments 30 votes None
List of famous and historical figures related to me Jeff, Geni Curator 9 comments 29 votes None
Husbands name should not be default maiden name. Terry Jackson (Switzer) 15 comments 28 votes Completed
Add NOT tabs to Search Philip James Decker, Ͼ 4 comments 27 votes None
How can I reflect twin brothers or sisters in the tree? Yannick Sébastien Fournier 13 comments 27 votes None
Last Online - colour coded time frame Liivi Murumets 4 comments 26 votes None
Please add a field for jewish/hebrew birthdays/deaths (to include anniversary reminders) Paul (Pesach) Steinberg 6 comments 26 votes None
Move Nickname field to Basics tab Victar 7 comments 25 votes Completed
Ability to EDIT Project name Mauritz Preller 15 comments 25 votes Completed
Recommend as Master Profile button Victar 11 comments 24 votes None
Relationship path debugger tool should be available for Geni users Hannele Naatula (Geni Curator, Limited Availability) 4 comments 23 votes None
Undo a merge Jim Wile 22 comments 23 votes None