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Transfer dna from ftdna Esther Kac Handler 33 comments 6 votes Completed
The tree view is stuck in Move mode. How to solve it? Stein Haave 28 comments 0 votes Completed
Trouble inputting birth dates Angela Harding 28 comments 77 votes Completed
Impossible to send a birthday greeting Mark Franciscus van de Steeg 24 comments 16 votes Completed
Private gifts and greetings are not private David Prins 24 comments 0 votes Completed
Incorrect info Jeff Keith Prevéy 21 comments 1 vote Completed
FTDNA linking David Cutler 18 comments 0 votes Completed
Tree does not display on browsers Chrome and newest Microsoft Edge Markas Seumas Jonas Young Smith 17 comments 2 votes Completed
Clicking On Matches Will not Update Steven Matthew Christin 17 comments 0 votes Completed Marinus Johannes Josephus de Goffau 16 comments 0 votes Completed
Not a new question........ but still seeking answer. Lisa Gaul 16 comments 1 vote Completed
The merge duplicates feature is not working. It goes to a blank screen. Michael Gordon Gilberg 16 comments 3 votes Completed
Invite to family members not being sent Mohammad Ali Kadiwal 16 comments 5 votes Completed
Bug - Documents from PDF's currently broken Lois Lubin 16 comments 2 votes Completed
Y-DNA and mtDNA from myFTDNA to Geni Tom Swahn 15 comments 2 votes Completed
Searches not working - existing paths disappeared - system has become unusable Bernard Miller 15 comments 0 votes Completed
birthday reminder broke George Rutledge 15 comments 10 votes Completed
unable to send birthday message after picking gift...different format for Gerene Jalbert 15 comments 17 votes Completed
to add tho source information with a screenshot Ulla Öhage (Viinamäki) 14 comments 0 votes Completed
transfer your DNA results from Family Tree DNA to Geni Vladimir Pavlovich Gurianov 14 comments 3 votes Completed
Profile sorting for children Job Waterreus 13 comments 0 votes Completed
Free Family Tree Dean James Daschner 13 comments 0 votes Completed
Search functions down today Marita Pussinen (Laine) 13 comments 2 votes Completed
No DNA-matches since 12.2.2021 Juri Ahlfors 13 comments 1 vote Completed
Tree gone but other pages still there Tracy Temple 12 comments 0 votes Completed
deceased manager Nathan Azogui 12 comments -1 votes Completed
Can't edit a profile Ferenczi Zoltán Sámuel 12 comments 0 votes Completed
Unable to log in dates (e.g., birth, death, marriage) Henry M. Mottesheard 12 comments 6 votes Completed
Unable to load Family Tree Leonardo Augusto Carvalho Guimarães 11 comments 1 vote Completed
Cannot add new profiles (iphone and android) Jolanta Vimba-Krievāne 11 comments -1 votes Completed