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loading family tree Anna Susanna (Annetjie) Walbrugh (Coetzee) 2 comments 0 votes Completed
Y DNA - reports inconsistencies in error Lloyd de Vere Hunt 0 comments 0 votes None
Continuous slow GENI and ERRORS Phillipp Weyers (R-U106) 3 comments 0 votes Answered
Geni is slow to respond and gives error's like 502 Per Olof Johansson 4 comments 1 vote Answered
Bad gateway Patricia Anne Rehse (Killeen) 3 comments 2 votes Answered
Problems Chrissie Anghna Lea Kjær. International kontorfunktionær. Født 4.søndag i advent 1 comment 0 votes None
Same "you've got DNA matches!" email received for the third day in a row Gustav Utterheim 4 comments 2 votes Completed
Geni is very slow... Markku Karjalainen 2 comments 1 vote Completed
Where did my matches go? Paulette Switzer-Tatum 3 comments 0 votes None
Great-grandparents and great-great grandparents not showing Adeel Gul Choudhry 2 comments 1 vote Answered
Uploading Kandy Nina Oaks 2 comments 1 vote Completed
Can't upload photos. I have tried several times with various photos and profiles. Appears to be a bug. Kjeld Vennike Hansen 2 comments 0 votes Completed
Uploading photo Peter John Anson 3 comments 0 votes Completed
Trouble Loading New Profiles Capt Henry Edward Heater 1 comment 1 vote Completed
Family tree won't load Marjaana Bernström 5 comments 1 vote Completed
I can't remove merge profile marriage from my great-grandmother Yoni Schwartzman 1 comment 0 votes Answered
Slowness Sarah-Anne Hazeu 12 comments 1 vote Answered
green bubble Inta Ērenfelde 1 comment 0 votes Completed
can't access other branches Kit Carson Cain 2 comments 0 votes Completed
Wrong matches for siblings - again Олег Иванов 1 comment 0 votes Planned
I Itzik Klein live in Israel and have no a half brother. Only a brother Roberto Klein Itzik Klein 1 comment 0 votes Answered
No real way to hide information from Google search Katja Naumanen 1 comment 0 votes Answered
Not planar tree Борис Хаимович Ткач 1 comment 0 votes Answered
Kan ikke logge meg inn til en gammel konto,når jeg ber om nytt passord får jeg opprettet en helt ny profil og en helt ny side. Erik Hermann Kristensen 1 comment 0 votes Answered
Bugs Deborah Jane Blowers 2 comments 0 votes None
removing partially deletd children Jason Scott Wills 1 comment 0 votes Completed
Mokėjimas už Geni Pro Marija Aleksiuk 1 comment 0 votes Answered
too many credit cards Maria ad 1 comment 0 votes Completed
Too many credit cards Надольная Елена Викторовна 8 comments 0 votes Completed
Tree view not working on PC Graham Michael Sneader 7 comments 0 votes Completed