I Have a Problem with Geni but No Way to Contact a Geni Rep

And what is my problem?  Today I received an e-mail encouraging me to send a birthday greeting to my brother.  But there are two problems.  Apparently his birth date was entered incorrectly so what I am being shown is off by 9 days.  But that's a minor problem.  The bigger one is that HE IS DECEASED!  He died last year.  But apparently, as nobody has indicated his death in Geni's records, I will continue to get e-mails of this sort forever (and he's not the only deceased person with regard to whom I've gotten this kind of message).  And to further compound this, unlike Ancestry.com, which provides a means of talking with a real human being, Geni.com appears to think it's unnecessary to provide such an option.  No wonder I prefer to do MY genealogical work on Ancestry!


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