I can't stop creating duplicates

I merged one person on my tree Way back in the beginning and that crap has snowballed to the point where no matter what I do once I get rid of one set of duplicates a whole new and produces itself and it just keeps compounding on each other. With the constant freezing up of this website when trying to update information it makes it impossible for me to actually sit down and get anything accomplished because once I do one or two things then automatically it starts to freeze. And now I literally got old people in my family sitting here losing their minds because everything's not super super accurate when it's like no one invited them to come look at this tree in the first place. And they act as if this is such a super simple fix and I'm just like with them why don't you fix it yourself and they said because they're not the one who created the problem and they're right they aren't their parents but still.

It all came about because of a person in my family named Hugh Lawson White who in the very early days of my research I thought his name was Ephraim Lawson White. Even turn out to be a completely other person and trying to change the person's name to the real name he got stuck on as my great-grandfather's father So I just spend years with it sitting there and finally I got it to turn into foster father and today for the first time I finally was able to completely remove him and leave him back on his side of the tree where he was supposed to have been but in doing so I duplicated and when you get rid of one duplicate all of his children get duplicated and his wife then you get rid of the wife and then the children get triplicated and because you guys won't allow someone to delete their tree and start over I'm sitting here raising my hand and saying I need you all that work for this site to come on and come fix this problem because I'm not going to sit here and fight your freezing software to try to appear something that is literally just going to continue to get worse and worse and worse every time I touch it I want to delete my account altogether but by doing that it gives up all the research that I've done and hands it off to other people and I'm just not in the mood to do that

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