Inconsistency checker is wrong for Swedish patronymicon surname style


I would like to be able to configure the consistency checking regarding family names. In Sweden we use patronymicon style. Family surnames are not used until late 1800s. Before that we use patronymicon. Patronymicon means that surname is constructed from the first name of the father. So a father Sven has two children, one son called Anders and one daughter called Lisa. According to the patronymicon rule Anders will be called Svensson as surname (the son of Sven) and the daughter Lisa will be called Svensdotter (the daughter of Sven) and females keep their birth surname regardless they are married or not. 

So I get tons of inconsistencies in my tree saying "The children of Anders has different surnames". Yes they have and that is normal. So my request is to be able to configure that no inconsistency warning should be issued for surnames inconsistencies. It is quite annoying to walk through all incosistencies and ignore them


Bernt Sandén (Pro)


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