Teacher / pupil relationships in South Asia

Dear Geni, I work as a professional in the field of intellectual history of South Asia (India and surrounding states).  Geni is a near-perfect tool for capturing some of the complexity of family relationships in pre-modern South Asia.  However, entwined with family history is the very important series of relationships between teachers and pupils.  Is there any way to capture this information?  In a sense, one needs another layer of personal data relationships.  So, blue for men, pink for women, and perhaps green for intellectual relationships.

I can imagine that geni.com would simply say "no", this is an extension of your software in a direction you feel no need to go in.  But I thought I would at least raise the issue. 

If geni didn't want to do this, would you be interested in the possibility of some collaboration with research groups at the university level?



Dominik Wujastyk

University of Vienna

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