Reversing ALL merges - my tree is out of control!

While I've tried to allow merge requests where they looked sensible, I'm finding that my tree is descending into chaos.

I have sections of tree with triplicate entries of the same person - offering ten or eleven sets of parents to choose from on a deduplication (usually the same people with minor spelling variations), and then being denied access to resolve the issue.

Sadly not everyone is carefull about the quality of the data they put in, and my tree is suffering because of it.

Merging one or two people is fine, but when the merge appears to create HUGE knock on effects because of associated records - it threatens to destroy the care and work I've put into keeping my tree 'clean' with only validated data.

I suspect the only way to resolve some of these is to tear down sections and reconstruct them.  But now I'm blocked from doing that.

I've tired to be collaborative, but now I need to recover control of my tree by purging ALL merges to other trees so I can get things back under control. 

The only solutiuon I can think of is to to a full GEDCOM export, and then set up a new Geni account and import it all - before deleting the old account. (and then denying all future merge requests).

Any other suggestions?


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