I need to merge two master profiles

Help, I've identified an ancestor that had duplicate profiles... when I attempted to merge them I got a message saying that both were Master Profiles and one needed to be de-mastered before the merge could be completed. Haven't the faintest clue what to do next!


Here's what I found:

Photo_silhouette_f_smallSarah ClarkTransparentIcn_collaborator_both_14

Wife Of Thomas Tolman, Jr.
Mother Of Ann Lyon (Tolman), Cahill Tolman, Hannah Tolman, John Tolman, Mary Collins (Tolman) and 4 others

Living false
Birth Date c. 1611
Death Date 11/7/1677
First Name Sarah
Last Name Clark
Maiden Name Clark
Gender Female
Birth Location Dorset, Dorchester, England
Death Location Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachussets
Burial Date
Managers Peter Andrew Jay, Aaron Drew McKay, Kristi Laurel Mas, Andriana Brooke Windham, Icn_collaborator_both_14 David Alan Blair, John Frederick Potter, Martin Severin Eriksen, Scott David Hibbard, Angela Kae Steinmetz, Christopher Michael Jackson, Duane Brightman Reynolds, Randall Duane Crane and Gregory Richard Clark « less

Photo_silhouette_f_smallCatherine (Sarah) CollinsTransparent

Wife Of Thomas Tolman, Jr.
Mother Of Ann Lyon (Tolman)

Living false
Birth Date c. 1610
Death Date 11/7/1677
First Name Catherine
Middle Name (Sarah)
Last Name Collins
Maiden Name Collins
Gender Female
Birth Location Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England, United Kingdom
Death Location Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
Burial Date November 1677
Managers Peter Andrew Jay, Andriana Brooke Windham, Martin Severin Eriksen, Shelley Chrystal Mactyre, Scott David Hibbard, Christopher Michael Jackson and Kira Rachele Jay « less
Green text indicates matching data.

These are both Master Profiles. You must de-master one of them before they can be merged.

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