What a mess...... family trees that don't belong together.

#1   why would I want to pay to ask a question of how to fix a huge mess that has been made by someone who does not belong in my family tree.

#2  Why can't those of us in basic actually reach a curator or someone who can actually help with these huge messes instead of leave the wrong information out there that other people are taking as the truth and then putting it onto other family trees.   I have spent 40 years collecting valid proof and it was for nothing when there is no way to correct what other people are merging with incorrect trees.   Am I frustrated with the Geni site??? Yes !!!!!   Why are you not helping us post truth instead of keeping lies on the site?  Can you not see by those of us who post our frustration that there are many more out there that give up and quit.   I have had to tell my family at our family reunion NOT to trust the  information entered on this site.  Is that what type of reputation you want???   Oh and by the way,  I have no sisters but someone listed that I did (not related to me).   It also shows that I have two sets of parents, one set I have never heard of.  Hmmm.   Don't ask us to contact the manager of the wrong info......they don't know how to fix it or some haven't been on the site for many years.     Geni , you have been on line too long to still have a confusing and user UNfriendly website.  Consider stepping up and make your site worthy of truthful information.    


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