"A Geni profile you manage has been deleted"

There is nothing as alarming or annoying to get these messages.   Please could we have some sort of protection against this happening.

If it was deleted because it was a duplicate the correct procedure would be to merge it. If there was another reason it would be a courtesy to be contacted first.

If there was a check on this action which meant that the manager(s) needed to be contacted for approval or disapproval first then people wouldn't be so quick to take the easy route of deleting a profile.   It could be that if a manager has an objection it can be voiced but if there was no objection then the deletion could go ahead after a certain set time?   Something has to be done about this - previously I had a malicious tree member who decided to just delete as he went along because he didn't like the sharing side of Geni - this resulted in him being able to delete profiles that he had not added because he had been collaborating - I am still repairing damage from this episode  years later.



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