Reporting of profiles

These days you can report a profile as a 
- Claimed Historical Profile 
- Abandoned Tree 
- Fake Profile 
- Spammer 
- Deceased 
- SEO Profile

1. It is unclear in what timeframes or in what priority such reports are processed. Can that be improved? For example, do reports by PROs get priority over reports by non PROs? Do some categories of report get actioned before others?

2. Does the reporter get notified when action is taken?

3. Once a profile is reported, a second person cannot also report. This has implications: 
(a) You can't also report your interest in being notified when action is taken.

(b) You don't know in what category the profile was previously reported - you may have in mind another category. For example, a claimed historical profile may also be a spammer.

(c) You may have more information than the first reporter provided, which you cannot now provide. And you don't know what information the first reporter provided.

(d) If PROs get higher priority action, you can't get that as a PRO if the profile was already reported by a non-PRO.

Can these issues be looked at as possible feature enhancements?


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