Semicolons Instead of Commas for Immediate Family View

I would like the commas between display names to be converted to semicolons. Here's a hypothetical example of why this is a problem:

- Brother of John Smith, Sarah Smith, Reginald Smith, Sr., Sarah Howe, Elizabeth Porter, Lady Ipswich, Margaret Chester, Peter Smith, Immigrant, Paul Smith, Lord Tiddlywinks, Stephen Smith, Mary Howard

Grammatically, you've got 14 different constructs going on there. Since so many people use so many different formats, it's a bit unclear (without hovering over the links) whether Elizabeth or Margaret is Lady Ipswich, whether Paul or Stephen is Lord Tiddlywinks, and whether Peter or Paul is the immigrant. Once you've been around for a while, you get an idea of what goes where, but so many users do things differently that it reads as one big visual mess.


- Brother of John Smith; Sarah Smith; Reginald Smith, Sr.; Sarah Howe; Elizabeth Porter, Lady Ipswich; Margaret Chester; Peter Smith, Immigrant; Paul Smith, Lord Tiddlywinks; Stephen Smith; Mary Howard

That's so much more readable and intuitive. Still not grammatically perfect, but more user-friendly and a good compromise. And it shouldn't be a difficult fix at all.


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