Show conflicting parents more visually

When in the "Tree" view, move the icon for conflict to the "parent connection point" at the top of the profile box.  Then, as an option, allow "stepping through" the alternative parents of that profile, so that one can more quickly assess a broader view of the alternative parental families.  Each click would select the "next alternative pair of parents", in a cycle.  Then, when it comes time to "assign parents", and alternate choice mechanism (perhaps a "right click" popup) could be a menu of either "Show full conflict resolution panel" (i.e. the current conflict resolution panel) or "select these parents" to identify the currently visible pair.

It is (usually) fairly straight-forward to identify matching profiles to merge among partners and children, and not too much more so for siblings.  However, being able to view the alternative "parental trees" would be really helpful.


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