My Heritage Premium subcription

I am very confused about my subscription.  I have My Heritage Premium Plus , and I have Geni Basic.  According to My Heritage all I have to do to upgrade is make sure that I am using the same email address for both site and it will automatically upgrade.  That has not happened.  Here is their reponse to my help request: "

In order to solve this issue, you will need to be registered at MyHeritage and Geni with the same email address. Currently, your registered email address at MyHeritage is cameos48832@mypacks.net.
In case your email address at Geni is different, please change it so it matches the above.
The system should then detect that you have a PremiumPlus subscription at MyHeritage and you won't be requested to purchase one when trying to review a match."
What should I do?  Thank you, Kim


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