Correcting erroneous relationships.

I imported my FTM tree to Geni via Gedcom file.  Several very odd glitches appeared.  My mother, Marjorie Aline Warzeski, is showing up as both my mother and my ex-wife.  My father's parents, Frank Stanislaus Warzeski (originally Warszewski) and Bertha Marquardt, are also showing up as a second set of parents.  Every attempt to correct these glitches runs up against the notice that proceeding with this action will split the tree.  I even found a set of instructions ("How can I update my parents") and followed them through. 

A couple of things appeared to have changed since the instructions were posted (2011), but in the end I got the same message about splitting the tree.  I was ready to go ahead and split the tree, but couldn't figure out how.


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