Merged with another persons tree, now I can’t logon to me tree. And, the merge did not work right.

Was asked if I wanted to merge my family tree, with another family tree. I mistakenly assumed the duplicates would merge smoothly, but they did not. And, the merge made me into another person, now that person has deleted me, and put himself as manager of my relatives and my family. I can logon, but I come up as Don Stowell. Which is who I tried to merge my tree with. My name is Rolland Lawrence Thompson Jr. And, don’t seem to be able to contact Don Stowell. I’m sure he thinks he’s fixed the problem. But, has not! Please help. I’m getting very frustrated!? And, it would probably be a good idea to contact the other Geni Guru, Don Stowell. So he stops trying to fix what he does not understand. HELP! Rolland. If You could just undo the merge, it would help.


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