Configure Google Geocoding API (used by Geni to normalize geographical names) to avoid abbreviations

Google's API insists on trying to replace geographical names by abbreviations. For example, it replaces the names of U.S. states and provices of Canada by 2-letter abbreviations - entering St. Louis, Missouri, United States automatically turns into St. Louis, MO, United States. This can be corrected in "Edit location details", but is tedious extra work.

Many Geni users are outside the United States and are easily confused by these abbreviations. Likewise most Americans don't know what "ON" means, for example (it means "Ontario"). In fact, for the non-North-American audience, spelling out "State of New York" or "Province of Quebec" might be even more helpful.

If possible, please configure/tune your Google API call to avoid this, and to prefer un-abbreviated names, or perhaps post-process the API's output to expand the abbreviations. 

References: https://github.com/mapbox/geocoder-abbreviations , https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44714737 , https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33027785 , https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26879882


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