Profile Managers

I recently noticed on a profile of my 3rd great grandfather that I added back in 2007, that there are two new managers added. I created the profile and I manage it. These people are for example a 11th cousin once removed. Wouldn’t I need to be asked before the co-manage with me? Is there a way to remove them are block them? Unfortunately my account is not private, nor does that bother me, other than this. My nephew got an email saying one of these “managers” had edited my deceased brother’s profile. That is taking it too far! I am alive and well and I do not want some complete stranger that as far as I know has no relation to my family, editing my brother’s profile. This same lady is one of the people who has attached herself as manager to my 3rd Great. Editing my brother is too personal and close to home. Why would she do that?? All I know of her is that I offered some information to her regarding my 3rd Great’s second wife. I thought I was being generous. Big mistake! Please help. I guess my main question is how to get these random people off my Geni profiles.


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