Can't redeem special offer discount

Save 25% on a Geni Premium Membership!
To help you celebrate your special day, we're offering you a limited time discount - 25% off a Geni premium membership! Зарегистрируйтесь сегодня, чтобы мгновенно получить доступ к мощным инструментам для развития своего древа еще быстрее.
Hurry - this limited time offer is valid until четверг, 03 февраля 2022, so be sure to claim your exclusive offer before it expires!
After the expiration of 14 days of the trial version of Pro, there was a write-off of funds from the card, but there were not enough funds on the card, I replenished the card no. The discount link is currently not working. Can I get the discount again? Thanks!

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