Problem deleting false profile

Somehow.... I've ended up with additional false ancestor profiles. 1) Husband and Wife correct profile and another husband and wife incorrect profile. The incorrect one has the wrong wife name. Cannot find any way to delete wrong profile, it gives me an option but it will not work... see below Caleb is connected to your tree in 2 ways. Relationship Remove Wife: Ann Minerva Higginbotham (deceased) Wife: Mary Minerva Higginbotham (deceased) Warning: Removing these connections will split the tree. And there is a child of this marriage, which is doubled, one is correct, and the other is not only incorrect but is married to the first. Wife to Wife :-o Again I've tried to remove this profile connection but get the same complaint... about splitting the tree. The option is there, check box next to profile to delete.... but it will not let me delete. How do I fix this problem. Both profiles are in my manager.


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