Profile privacy

I received a notification that a person, with whom I have no connection, has found my profile and is following me.  In addition, that person has updated the details of relatives of mine and has requested to be added as the manager of some profiles.

I don't understand how/why Geni allows unrelated people to gain access into the trees of other people.

When I look at that person's statistics, it says

Family Tree        8,124
Blood Relatives   10,000
Ancestors         252
Descendants         12
Followers         91
Following         30,111
Profiles Added    16,386
Profiles Invited       5
Profiles Managed  21,185

How does someone with 8,124 people in their tree get to manage 21,185 profiles? And why?  Are they trying to get the record for managing the greatest number?  Why are they following 30,111 people?


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