Profile Management

Geni - Joseph Francois Philippe Patricia MARRIER D'UNIENVILLE (Lamusse)

Can anybody please assist me. I wish to edit/amend and add family to the above profile but the manager is not responding to geni requests to merge, management requests etc. I am also unable to delete the profile and start again.

I believe that the creator of the profile is Patricia Lamusse herself and that she is also the manager of other profiles she has created where the same problems occur. Geni records that she (presumably) started her tree on 10 July 2015 but geni does not identify her or anybody else as the manager of the profile.

I have contacted the manager privately via her brother Michael Lamusse and she advised that she doesn’t understand geni and has never created anything? It seems she may have forgotten and/or abandoned geni.

Would it be possible to make me a manager of the above profile and others that she has created please?

Any other suggestions please?


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