The wrong ancestor was automatically added to my tree; also there is no option to choose the correct parents

I took a very long time to add the correct parents to my ancestor, Patrick Henry McAtee, and included several source records and comments.

Then when I went to review the information, the tree added the wrong ancestor line, which was previously in one of the trees for Patrick Henry McAtee.

The John McAtee and Elizabeth (whose birth date is much too early, and they also lived in Maryland) are NOT the parents of Patrick Henry McAtee, who lived in Fairfax County, Virginia.

This is a common error. Researching is being done currently to try to determine if this John McAtee, b. about 1722, MAY have been a grandparent; or if a William McAtee or someone other McAtee may have been the grandparent.

In any case, the problems are:

1. The William McAtee b. 1746, MD; married to Mary (maiden name unknown) are the parents of Patrick Henry McAtee in my tree.

What is happening is that sometimes when I open my tree it shows this couple; and now most of the time it is showing the John McAtee who is erroneously attached to a Patrick Henry McAtee who is a duplicate record of my Patrick Henry McAtee in my tree.

I cannot merge these men because there is no way to add the correct parents!


Even though there is a drop down list in the Relationships tab with various other choices of McAtee couples, there is no option to choose the correct William McAtee and Mary (maiden name unknown).


Please help me to make the appropriate corections.

Thank you,

Terry McAtee Lehman, 

Administrator, McAtee DNA Project at Family Tree DNA




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